Solid State Logik (Part 1)

Released on New Year’s Day 2021 Solid State Logik (Part 1) is the first in a series of digital re-releases compiling the works of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty released under their various guises between 1987 and 1992.

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Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2019 Announced In New Trailer

A new trailer surfaced on the official MuMufication website to annouce this year’s Toxteth Day Of The Dead event held in Liverpool on the 23rd November.

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Black on white CD front cover of "MU" by The KLF, featuring image of Bill and Jimmy wearing white robes and horns


MU is a Japanese exclusive 5-track mini album. A possible remix version was listed at one point but was never finished, though rough demos of an alternate Make It Rain remix eventually appeared almost 25 years later.

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Green/brown sleeve with "The KLF" in the upper left, T-speaker logo in the upper right and the single's title "Justified And Ancient" at the bottom, all arranged around a pink/white ice cream with "Freshly Made For You" written on its side.

Justified And Ancient (Stand By The JAMS)

Justified And Ancient is the final single commercially released by The KLF in 1991, considering America: What Time Is Love? had already been released in the US a month before. Since the chorus had already appeared on 1987 it could also be considered the one the longest in the making….

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Cover of "1987" by The JAMs; large white numbers on plain black background

1987 (What The Fuck Is Going On?)

Following the single All You Need Is Love, The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu’s first album 1987 (What The Fuck Is Going On?) continued the style of heavy cut & paste sampling, beatbox rhythms and King Boy D’s Scottish raps.

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The White Room

The White Room is without a doubt the album that finally catapulted The KLF into mega-stardom, spawning three hit singles of which one (3 a.m. Eternal) got them to Number One in the UK (their second after Doctorin’ The Tardis).

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Cover of Bill Drummond's "45" (1st Edition)


45 compiles some of Bill’s short stories previously released in From The Shores Of Lake Placid and adds a wide range of new ones as well.

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