Four Websites (2003 – 2012)

Bill Drummond has been running several web-based projects in the past, each allowing visitors to add their own contributions. Most of these have vanished from the web, or do not allow for new entries anymore.

Together they would form the sculpture Four Websites1Penkiln Burn Poster #357, the fourth site being NoMusicDay.

NOTICE (Penkiln Burn Poster #357)

More information on the latter can be found on the 17 page.

My Death (2003 – 2012)

MyDeath Postcard is the website where you are encouraged to think of your funeral as the last and possibly greatest gift you will ever give to your bereaved.

It is here that you can plan, in as much detail as you care, returning to your page time and time again to update and refine.

There is no fee and no hidden

The idea for was born after Bill had attended the funeral of friend and former Timelords/KLF plugger Scott Piering.

The service also offered dedicated credit card-sized MyDeath cards for users to carry with them, pointing towards the website to make sure people would be informed about the deceased’s funeral arrangement requests.

MyDeath Card (Back)

Open Manifesto (2003 – 2012)

The Open Manifesto website invited people to discuss the definition of art, how it should be made and what it was to be used for. Visitors were asked to contribute their thoughts (in 100 words or less) which would then be added to an ever-growing list of entries.

A selection of 100 entries was compiled on Penkiln Burn Poster #106 in 2005. can still be found on Archive.

You Whores (2004 – 2009)

We all have our price, what is yours? existed for people to advertise whatever job they would be willing to do at whatever price they chose to offer it for. In turn visitors could then browse these entries and pick the ones they were interested in. Listings were divided into twelve categories, with the most creative offers being awarded a black star.