What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance)

One of the cornerstones of The KLF’s history, and a departure from their previous sample-riddled output as The JAMs and their brief pop detour as The Timelords. Instead What Time Is Love embraced the emerging rave scene and the style of music it brought along with it.

We were drawn to the purity of that kind of music, of music that has no form, nothing to write about, no reference points and no irony.Bill Drummond (Sounds, 24 Nov 1990)

What Time Is Love was meant to kick off The KLF’s Pure Trance series but failed to gain significant recognition in the UK at first until it became a hit single in European clubs.


Everyone remembers “3am Eternal” and “Last Train To Trancentral”, but the one that caught on like a virus was surely “What Time Is Love?” Its circular keyboard motif, suffused with the new club culture’s combination of illicit thrill and menace, went beyond the sensory distortion of straight acid house. Somehow, it was pop too. […] “What Time Is Love?” embedded itself in the pop landscape as the moment when dance music realised it could eat the world alive. Within weeks of its release, no club would play it, but no club needed to. It was already on every radio in the land, changing everything for ever.
Andrew Harrison, Unknown 'Club Classics' Feature
Andrew Harrison

Tracks & Formats

KLF 004T

12″ Single / 17 Oct 1988
A What Time Is Love? (Mix 1) 7:05
B What Time Is Love? (Mix 2) 7:00

Neither version has any official name attached to them. The A side is commonly referred to as the “1988 Pure Trance Original” or simply “Original” mix, though.

2 thoughts on “What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance)

  1. If you trying to get both remixes on ONE CDS, watch out for the austrian WTIL “Power Remix” CDS:

    CDS ( GiG Records ‎– 9031-72897-2) features:

    1 What Time Is Love (7″ Remix) (Remix – Jürgen Koppers) 3:54
    2 What Time Is Love (Pure Trance 1 Side A Mix) 7:08
    3 What Time Is Love (Pure Trance 1 Side B Mix) 7:05

    1. Tracklist claims it includes the full length Power Remix and only one of the Pure Trance mixes but the above tracklist is indeed correct. For all the confusion the Power Remixes have caused this is actually a worthy “mispress”, though a rather pricey one as well.

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