2K (1997)

(note that even though some of the latter activities are attributed to K2 Plant Hire Ltd. they still hark back to the events surrounding 2K, hence they are all filed under this section)

Flyer advertising the return of The KLF as 2K (1997)

The Barbican Performance

The Millennium Crisis Line

On 10th October full-page adverts appeared in The Guardian, inviting readers to phone a special number (0890 909 2000) and give their opinion on whether or not K2 Plant Hire Ltd. should ‘fuck the millennium’.

Advert for the Millennium Crisis Line (Oct 1997)

No details were given about how and when, though the ad promised that, ‘given the mandate of people’ they would use ‘all means necessary’ to do so.

Results of their phone poll were announced at the end of October, with 18.436 callers having voted “Yes” clearly outnumbering a mere 2.227 who had voted “No”.

The People’s Pyramid

As a counterproposal to the controversial Millennium Dome K2 Plant Hire announced their plans for building The Great Northern Pyramid Of The People (or The People’s Pyramid), a 150ft tall monument built from discarded bricks.

The stated aim of K2 Plant Hire Ltd is to inspire, co-ordinate and insure the construction of a pyramid. A solid pyramid. A pyramid constructed of bricks. Eighty-seven million, two hundred and fifty thousand bricks (roughly). A brick for every person born in the U.K during the 20th Century. Whether they live for 90 seconds or 90 years. It will be approximately one hundred and fifty feet high, and have a base width of approximately three hundred feet.

Its official name is The Great Northern Pyramid Of the People, or commonly known as The People’s Pyramid.

The construction of The People’s Pyramid will cost the tax payer nothing. All that is asked of the people of the U.K is to collect as many abandoned bricks as they may have lying around in their gardens, behind their dustbins, being used as a door stopper in their bog, or any of those other places that lost bricks may be found.

One and a half bricks per person living in the U.K will be needed. K2 Plant Hire Ltd will collect the bricks and organise the rest. The site for The People’s Pyramid is yet to be announced, but it will not be in the South East of England. Building will commence at the beginning of the 21st Century, when K2 Plant Hire Ltd will have the accurate birth figure. It will be open to the public free of charge, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. You will be able to do what you want with it. Climb it, paint it, polish it, eat your sandwiches on it, or chip it away.

It will stand for as long as there is any of it left.

It will promote nothing.

Be sponsored by nobody.

And owned by everybody.<span class="su-quote-cite">K2 Plant Hire website</span>

Though the original pyramid never got built, the idea itself manifested itself again as part of the MuMufication event in 2017.