Black on white CD front cover of "MU" by The KLF, featuring image of Bill and Jimmy wearing white robes and horns

MU is a Japanese exclusive 5-track mini album.

A possible remix version was listed at one point but was never finished, though rough demos of an alternate Make It Rain remix eventually appeared almost 25 years later.

Tracks & Formats


CD Mini-Album / 18 Dec 1991
1 3 a.m. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.) 5:55
2 Justified And Ancient (All Bound For Mu Mu Land) 8:10
3 Make It Rain (Extended Version) 4:02
4 Last Train To Trancentral (Live From The Lost Continent) 5:35
5 America: What Time Is Love? 8:37

MU is one of the very few CD releases including the extended version of Last Train To Trancentral, and the only place to find the full unmixed UK version of Make It Rain on CD.

Despite the different running times Justified And Ancient is the standard version, though – the track on this release is slightly pitched down, resulting in a longer track length.

1 thought on “MU

  1. No one ever mentions that “3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.)” also plays at the incorrect speed here. It’s supposed to run 5:48 but it runs 5:55 here. The same version is also present on Solid State Logik 2.

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