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Who We Are

We are a group of four German music enthusiasts who have been following the path of The KLF and its various incarnations for over 20 years.

Enjoy your stay.

Torsten, Daniel, Jens & Thomas

Who We Are Not

We are no official spokespersons for The KLF, its members nor its various incarnations. If you are trying to book The KLF to perform at a festival, in a club or on a stage, we won’t be able to help you.

All original KLF Communications (and related) images and artwork used under toleration of its original owners.

8 Replies to “About Us”

  1. Dear KLF ONLINE,
    Please, do you have any information about a cd PURE TRANCE -KLF CD4- featuring 12 tracks? I could just find a brief reference on The KLF Wikia.
    I look forward to reading from you soon. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mat

      Those CDs are homemade bootlegs and keep popping up on eBay all the time. We reported some of them in the past but unfortunately they don’t seem to do anything about them.

      – KLF Online

      1. Hi, FINALLY I just got one directly from a previous owner and collector, it doesn’t seem to be a bootleg, its sound is even better than JAMS CD4 in which non-KLF tracks were certainly taken and digitalized from several vinyl editions, like Liaisons D’s, Dr. Felix’s and Neon’s… for instance even Land Of Oz version is cleaner. What is strange indeed is that it doesn’t look like a commercial CD and the code on CD is different from the inlay with the front cover that can be barely read because the letters are black on back background.

  2. I have a copy of the pure trance CD and confirm the sound of the CD is a vast improvement on WTIL story. I believe the CD is genuine. There is some interesting information about the CD by dag808 see-https://www.discogs.com/release/8737287-Pure-Trance/reviews

    Also the barcode does suggest a 1989 release,before they were a success. Is any more known about this CD about its authenticity?

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