During 2018’s Toxteth Day Of The Death The JAMs distributed a couple of leaflets detailing the what’s, why’s and how’s of MuMufication. This is a direct transcript of the questions asked and answers given.

What Is MuMufication?

MuMufication is having 23 grams of your cremated remains fired into a Brick Of Mu after you die. The Brick Of Mu is then used to build The People’s Pyramid.

What Is The People’s Pyramid?

The People’s Pyramid is a solid brick pyramid made from Bricks Of Mu. It will require 34,592 Bricks Of Mu to be built.

“The People’s Pyramid” (Artist’s Impression, taken from the MuMufication website

Who Will Build The People’s Pyramid?

The People’s Pyramid is a construction by K2 Plant Hire Ltd. It will be built by the living representatives of The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu.

When Will The People’s Pyramid Be Built?

New Bricks Of Mu will be laid on the Toxteth Day Of The Dead. The Toxteth Day Of The Dead is on 23rd November each year.

Where Will The People’s Pyramid Be Built?

In Toxteth.

How Can I Get MuMufication?

You can register for MuMufication with a Merchant Of Death. Then follow the procedure for MuMufication.

Where Can I Find A Merchant Of Death?

The only Merchants Of Death entrusted to register people for MuMufication are the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, Merchants Of Death To The JAMs. Register for MuMufication on their website,

Brick Of Mu and Certificate Of MuMufication (from the L-13 website)

How Much Does It Cost To Get MuMufication?

Registering for MuMufication costs £99. For your £99 you will receive a Brick Of Mu, a Certificate Of MuMufication signed by The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, and a place for your brick in The People’s Pyramid for as long as the pyramid stands.

9 thoughts on “MuMufication

  1. Hello brothers
    I wanted to put me and my partner forward for future mummification but unfortunately the link leads nowhere .. of course!!
    I live in wavertree L15 anyway so if someone could contact me about how I can get myself and my family involved that would be wonderful!!
    I can’t wait to be part of the pyramid, tho I have a few years left I hope
    Peace love and chaos
    Tommy Tav

      1. Hi, thanks for the workinglinks, the one on the above page still doenst work, maybe that should be fixed!?

  2. Hi Lovely Sophie,

    Have you any idea of what the brick (+23 g of Jerrys’ ashes)weighs? I have no scales at home and just want to arrange for the postage with parcel2go as you suggested. Have a lovely weekend hope you’re okay.
    No worries if not as I will work something out
    Love Always,
    Andrea xxx

    Best Wishes,

    Andrea Lodge


  3. Hi the cost of the brick includes postage I live in Australia what would the additional cost for postage be?

  4. my dad sadly passed way in 2021 i have his ashes i would love be able to give him a permanent place in the city he was born and breed and loved dearly

  5. Dear living representatives of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu,

    I have received my brick and have my Dad’s ashes ready to go. The instructions say I must email to get instructions on how to securely send the brick and ashes, but this email bounces and I’m told:

    ‘Your message couldn’t be delivered. It appears that the email address you sent your message to wasn’t found at the destination domain, or the recipient’s mailbox is unavailable. The email address might be misspelled or it might not exist’

    Is the address still in action? please let me know who I should write to or what to do with them.

    hopefully see you in Tokkie in November

    1. The cccd… address is no longer in use but emails should automatically be relayed to the current address. We have notified the Undertakers of this issue and they are looking into it.

      In the meanwhile please write to admin AT mumufication DOT com instead.

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