Semaphore Signals

Semaphore Signals by Tenzing Scott Brown was printed in 2022 in an edition of 400 copies and is the 29th book published by Penkiln Burn.

The first 40 copies were sold by Bill Drummond  by The Breakout, London on November 8th in exchange for one tea pot from a charity shop, with the remaining copies later made available through the Alimentation webshop in November 2022.

Back Cover Blurb

SEMAPHORE SIGNALS is a play about:

A Painted Lady butterfly and her phantasy friend, who is a Lioness;  starting the revolution to rid the world of the Invasive Species;  being locked in a cell in Pentonville Prison for 23 hours a day;  sitting in the Breakout café and wondering;  being unsure of who you are;  mugs of tea – black no sugar;  telling me your story; watching the buses go up and down Caledonian Road;  Mitch, Noel & Jimi sitting in the Blue Boar, talking about taking back creative control; Flags that talk to each other; not watching the Euros; a letter to a felon; letting people down; How To Make Mistakes; but mainly it is about seeing the world through the eyes of The Elderly Gentleman.

SEMAPHORE SIGNALS is a play containing the words:

It is time to form The REAL Extinction Rebellion.
The breakaway of all breakaways.
The most dissident group ever – by far.
The one that will go the extra million miles.
Our aims will be to save Planet Earth by the complete extinction of the baddest of all baddies ever – Humankind.
Our manifesto will be short and to the point.
Rid Planet Earth of the Invasive Species within Forty Years.
We will announce our ‘Kill A Person Day’ – if we can all just kill one other person, Planet Earth will be saved.
Maybe Covid 19 was sent by all the other life forms on Earth to rid it of the baddies – the Invasive Species.
But right now it looks like Covid 19 has failed in its aims.
This failure of Covid 19 should not dim our mission:  The complete extermination of all humankind.

And the words:

Some people make Art. Some people make Love. Some people make War. Some people make Mistakes –Making Mistakes is what I do best.

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