Love Trance (Pure Trance)

Love Trance is the unreleased third single from The KLF’s Pure Trance series.

The single was originally scheduled for release on 14th November 1988 with a remix single to follow one week later, though The KLF’s Completeist lists only ever listed the original 006T albeit without a proper tracklist. While the single never got finished, sleeves and labels for the original single are in circulation and pop up on eBay every now and then.

Demo recordings later surfaced and where released as bootlegs, some of them fetching exorbitant prices on eBay.

2 thoughts on “Love Trance (Pure Trance)

  1. I’m wondering if “Love Trance”, in it’s entirety, will appear on the “Pure Trance Series” of “Samplecity Thru Trancentra”?

    1. assuming the pure trance comp even comes out, which i think at this point is unlikely given how it was supposed to come out in 2021

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