What other websites and online resources are there?

Unfortunately, most of the old KLF websites disappeared due to the lack of updates or fading time of their creators. There once even had been an official K-Foundation website but that went offline as well. Yet there are still some external websites that are worth checking out.

Official Websites

James Cauty

The website of Jimmy Cauty.

Penkiln Burn

The website of Bill Drummond.


Everything you need to know about the People’s Pyramid and MuMufication.

K2 Plant Hire Ltd.

Official outlet of K2 Plant Hire Ltd., currently displaying the announcement posters for “2023”.

Related Websites


Home of the London-based L-13 Light Industrial Workshop. While not actually run by either of them it is one of the few outlets through which Jimmy’s work is regularly available for purchase.


The KLF Re-Enactment Society

Unofficial/Fan Websites


Run by Mark Rolfe. Featuring an extensive discography as well as a couple of easter eggs hidden throughout the site.  🙂


Maintained by Andrew Lee (with the help of various additional contributors) WhatTheFu.uk is the definitive archive of newspaper clippings, tabloid articles and industry adverts covering the history of Bill and Jimmy. Be ready to sink countless hours into this vast collection of preserved reading material.

Like for everything else there is also a KLF fan group on Facebook of course.

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