It’s Grim Up North (Original Club Mix)

Early promo-only version of their later commercial version which featured Pete Wylie on vocals instead of Bill Drummond.

We went to this rave and the sound system was broken. All you could hear was this kind of screeching top-end and a really low bass drum and we thought, ‘Wow, this is what the kids are into’.Jimmy Cauty, Record Mirror

According to the same article the track took only 45 minutes to record.


The JAMS’ new track is one mind-blowing mental onslaught of what they call “Turbo reality for the bleep generation” [but] could be a bit too manic for the disco dollies to handle.
Richie Blackmore, Record Mirror, 1990
Richie Blackmore

Tracks & Formats


12″ Single / 17 Dec 1990
A It’s Grim Up North 8:38

According to the KLF Info Sheets only 350 copies of the single have been pressed.

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