The Lover’s Side

The Lover’s Side is one of the many suggested unreleased entries in the Pure Trance series. While the promo sheet included with Deep Shit suggests it was originally meant as a follow-up to 3 a.m. Eternal, its first official mention announced it as the fifth entry in the series.

The Lover’s Side was at one point listed as 008T in the KLF’s completeist list from August 1989 and was supposed to include Go To Sleep as a B-side. However, in their next list KLF008 had already been changed to Go To Sleep instead with no further mention of the previously listed A-side. In the end neither got released, though both tracks appeared on the White Room Soundtrack. An extended version of The Lover’s Side also appeared on the B-side of the Deep Shit 12″ promo in 1989.

Though a 008R variant for Go To Sleep was never properly listed it is safe to assume that there would have been a remix single as with all other Pure Trance singles. Since the single never materialized the attributed catalogue numbers are unconfirmed of course.

Tracks & Formats

KLF 008T

Unreleased 12″ Single / 12 Dec 1988
A The Lover’s Side
B Go To Sleep

KLF 008R (???)

Unreleased 12″ Single / 19 Dec 1988
A The Lover’s Side (Remixes)
B Go To Sleep (Remixes)

It’s not entirely clear which spelling (“Lover’s”/”Lovers'”) is correct, hence we decided to go with how it has been listed in the KLF Info Sheets and Completeist Lists.

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