E-Train To Trancentral (Pure Trance)

Alleged unreleased fifth entry in the Pure Trance series. Originally scheduled 12 Dec 88, rescheduled Sep 89 according to Lazlo’s discography. The existence of A/B-side labels as well as proper sleeves (pink on black “Pure Trance 5 – The White Room” and sea-green/black “E-Train To Trancentral”) has been confirmed.

Despite the description in KLF Info Sheet #7 it’s not clear how much – or little – of E-Train To Trancentral ended up on Last Train To Trancentral or Chill Out. One copy presumably got sold via EIL many years ago, and one other person reportedly handled a sleeve with record once, though in both cases the contents could not be verified.

It is worth pointing out that the name E-Train To Trancentral never got mentioned in any official KLF completeist list – in August 1989 KLF008T was still listed as The Lover’s Side, and from November 1989 onwards the lists included 008T as Go To Sleep. Meanwhile the Cartel wholesale catalog just says it’s Last Train To Trancentral, though that one is only semi-official. Therefore the accuracy of the above information remains debatable at best.

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