Deep Shit (Part 3)

Deep Shit (Part 3) is an unreleased single and only exists in a limited run of six whitelabel pressings of which four allegedly made it into the wild.

The track itself opens on the intro of Kylie Said To Jason, switching into the Village People’s “YMCA” a few seconds later before getting harshly interrupted by a needle scratch and Bill Drummond shouting “Fuck that pop shit, what we want is some Deep Shit!” The track then changes into “The Queen And I” from 1987.

There are only 6 of these!!

We wanted 1000 but the pressing plant refused to press any more because of the illegality of the old JAMS classic ‘The Queen And I’.

Check out the other side – ‘The Lover’s Side’ – it will be the follow-up to 3AM Eternal.

As only 4 of these have been sent out, I would appreciate your opinion and reaction to the track.Cressida Cauty (Deep Shit promo insert, 1989?)

Since the original flexi remains unreleased it’s impossible to tell how similar that version is to Deep Shit (Part 3), though the KSTJ intro strongly implies that it’s not simply a verbose copy of the original track.

Tracks & Formats


12″ Whitelabel Single / 1989
A Deep Shit
B The Lovers’ Side (Extended)

The catalogue number KLF 010IT is derived from the single’s runout groove, though it has been listed as KLF 010IR (“Illegal Remix”) in the past as well. Both are likely to be a reference to KLF 010 of which Deep Shit (Part 3) “borrows” the intro.

3 thoughts on “Deep Shit (Part 3)

    1. The one we know about ended up at a friend of Jimmy’s – that’s where we got our MD recording from.

      There’s one on Discogs but we don’t know if that’s the same one or one of the other three.

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