On The Current Rise Of Cheap KLF Bootlegs

Ever since The KLF left the music business (and even before that) bootlegs of rare and sought-after releases have been floating around. Some of them  have been labours of love, others rather blatant cash grabs with the line between those two getting blurry sometimes. What they mostly have in common is that they are either scarce enough to not devalue the originals or at least of reasonable quality.

Lately a commercial seller by the name of Big Blue Media has started flooding eBay with custom bootlegs of either proper KLF Comms releases or self-compiled sets of tracks under a common theme.Some of them have already been bought and resold at ridiculous prices despite neither including anything of obvious rarity nor looking like any effort has been put into them.

Be advised that these are not official KLF Communications releases. We can only recommend not to support this kind of blatantly ripping of other people by tricking them into thinking they will receive a “rare DJ only promo CD” suddenly popping up in huge amounts 24 years after The KLF have split.

Several people (including us) have already reported those auctions in the past. So far eBay hasn’t deemed it necessary to act on the issue. At this point we can only continue to report new listings and encourage people to invest their money more wisely.

Lifelike & Kris Menace vs. The KLF

While there is an endless number of cover versions of The KLF’s 1990 single “What Time Is Love?” out there only a few of them have had truly prolific names associated with them, so it’s a welcome surprise to add the recently reunited house heavyweights Lifelike & Kris Menace (of “Discopolis” fame) to this list.

Lifelike & Kris Menace are back after recently re-uniting to team up on ‘Ecstasy’ which came out on Spinnin records in May. They’ve now jumped back in the studio to bring out a rework of early 90s KLF classic ‘What Time is Love’, courtesy of renowned duo Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty. This track has been going round as an ID for a while now, played by a huge amount of DJs (incl Joris Voorn, James Zabiela, Shadow Child, Miguel Campbell, Guy J, DJ Hell, Nicole Moudaber and loads more) and we can reveal its Lifelike & Kris Menace.” – (from Data Transmission)

What especially elevates their version above all the others is the official consent they received from Bill himself.

“This track was so special to us, as it’s from the first dance album I ever bought back in the early 90’s. The KLF always represented this new electronic indie scene who took over the majors, and their album “The White Room” is a real masterpiece for us. When we tracked down Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty to see if they would agree to let us rework “What Time Is Love?” I wasn’t expecting any answer. Incredibly, not only did I receive a mail from Bill himself, but also a “thanks for sending this”, ending the mail with “you’ll hear from us, be certain of that. Hope it is warmer where you are than here, yours Bill”. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better answer. From then it all moved really fast and here we are now, introducing the brand new reworked version.”

The track will be digitally released on July 18th.

Merry Christmas From The JAMS

Well, not really since we are neither Rockman Rock nor Kingboy D of course. However, Santa told us you have all been good this year – well, most of you – so he asked us for a relaunch of your favourite KLF fansite to put in your stockings.

Please bear with us that some of the sections are not complete yet (like the FAQ) and others are missing altogether (Discography) – those will be filled and completed over time. Feel free to drop us suggestions or corrections.

In the meantime enjoy what is already there, and hit us up on Facebook.