Four Plays And Forewords

Another newsletter from Penkiln Burn just arrived in our mailboxes, with Bill Drummond sharing a number of Forty Second Plays he wrote earlier this month titled The New River Four.

At times Bill Drummond is asked to pass comment.

At times Bill Drummond responds to being asked to pass comment by instigating one of his other selves to write a Forty Second Play.

One of these other selves takes the name Tenzing Scott Brown.

Four of these Forty Second Plays were written at the corner table of the New River Café, N16.

They were written over a period of four days in early September 2020.Bill Drummond

All four plays can be found and read on the Penkiln Burn website.

Furthermore, Bill has written a fifth play titled Questions, Questions, Questions which provides the foreword to the book questions written by Andrew Shaw and published by The Silent Academy in May 2020.

In questions, Andrew Shaw offers an alternative to the culture of craved certainty is a sequence of non-literal questions designed to prompt non- literal responses. These questions are not interested in answers. These questions seek to sustain the mind in free fall. The book produces an atmosphere of magical not-knowing. The book offers possibility to engage with your mind at an aspect that is intuitive and true. It is in the not-knowing that that mind goes seeking. Where real ideas, not reactions, are born. ‘questions’ seeks not to make art that reflects the world, but to create a world.The Silent Academy

Questions can be ordered directly from The Silent Academy’s website.


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