King Boy D Putting The Needle Down

With his days of dumping dead animals outside aftershow parties long behind him, Bill Drummond has found a new sheep-related pasttime during the pandemic.

With this year’s leg of the 12-Year World Tour has been postponed, Antimacassar To Kurdistan – a new story by Bill shared on Penkiln Burn – tells the story of how he decided to start knitting an antimacassar resembling the 25 Paintings instead.

July 2020

Bill Drummond should be in Kurdistan on the 2020 leg of The 25 Paintings twelve year world tour.

Instead he has spent most of the month of July locked in a room on the Caledonian Road, North London, knitting.Bill Drummond

Head over to Penkiln Burn to read the full story (and find out what an antimacassar is.)


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  1. I’m a bit shocked, happy and soothed, that I’m not the only spinner and knitter that’s out there.

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