Fuck The Millennium

Black sleeve with white text, announcing "Jeremy Deller presents Fuck The Millennium", followed by large 2K logo and note that "This record was produced by the artists forever known as The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu"

Fuck The Millennium is a one-off comeback single to celebrate the crapness of comebacks, released under the short-lived 2K alias. Bill Drummond’s 45 features a lengthy first-hand retelling of the how’s and why’s.

The track itself is built around The KLF’s What Time Is Love? and the cover version by Jeremy Deller’s Acid Brass as performed by the Williams Fairey Band who also reprised their performance for the recording of the single.

Tracks & Formats


Cassette Single / 13 Oct 1997
A1 Fuck The Millennium (Radio Edit) 4:18
A2 Acid Brass: What Time Is Love? (Version K) 4:33


12″ Single / 13 Oct 1997
A Fuck The Millennium 13:59
B1 Acid Brass: What Time Is Love? (Version K) 4:33
B2 Acid Brass: What Time Is Love? (Version P – Royal Oak Mix) 5:28


CD Single / 13 Oct 1997
1 Fuck The Millennium 13:59
2 Acid Brass: What Time Is Love? (Version K) 4:31
3 Fuck The Millennium (Radio Edit) 4:18
4 Fuck The Millennium (Censored Radio Edit) 4:18

The Japanese release gathers all the above mixes and includes an additional version as well as a set of four stickers.

1 thought on “Fuck The Millennium

  1. No mention in ‘who Killed the KLF’, why ? I needed to shout ‘fuck the millennium’ desperately back then and the KLF gave me an excuse with this shortest of all comebacks. The Barbican show was a lot of fun and it may be of the moment but I still give this a play. Oh and the tshirt, bag poster we got at the gig. I sold on eBay and got some money to go on my first ‘with the girlfriend’ holiday, I think Jimmy and Bill would have appreciated that!

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