America: What Time Is Love?

America: What Time Is Love? is a beefed-up, guitar-heavy remix of The KLF’s 1990 Live A Trancentral version in celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of the discovery of America by The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu in 992 (or so they claimed). While the single’s slightly updated verses were once again performed by Azat Bello, AWTIL also features the vocal talent of Glenn Hughes (of Deep Purple fame) during refrains.

There’s always been a rock element to our dance music.<span class="su-quote-cite">Bill Drummond (NME, 29 Feb 1992)</span>

Despite being listed as a 1992 single, US releases of America: What Time Is Love? were published on Arista four months ahead of the UK release on KLF Communications.

Promotion & Advertising

The UK release of America: What Time Is Love? was first announced through an 1/4 page advert in the NME on 22 February 1992, including a quote from the lyrics sung by Azat Bello.

“America: What Time Is Love?” advert from the NME (22 Feb 1992)

One week later a full page advert appeared in the NME on 29 February 1992. The ad features an image of The KLF’s T Speaker wrapped in a US flag with small pyramid blaster logos replacing the stars, as well as a transcription of the single’s intro as narrated by Scott Piering.

Advert for The KLF’s “America: What Time Is Love?” (NME)
In the year of our Lord 992 The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu set sail in their longboats on a voyage to rediscover the lost continent. After many months on perilous stormy seas, their search was fruitless.

Just when all seemed lost, they discovered… America!<span class="su-quote-cite">KLF Advert</span>


More proof that this band is pop’s answer to Steven Spielberg (a compliment really!) […]
Select, Feb 1992
Hell’s bongos, this’ll blow your very skin off! An unflippin’believable power-pop anthem with mentaaahl metal guitars and Wall Of Sound shrieks so far over the top they’re binging round the sun and never coming back.
Smash Hits, Feb 1992 (Best New Single)
The whole bizarre concotion’s brilliantly bonkers as usual. But I wonder if there’s any chance of them finding something genuinely new up the sleeves of their next set of daft costumes?
Dave Jennings, Melody Maker, 22 Feb 1992
Dave Jennings
“America: What Time Is Love” achieves the usual KLF feat of making everyhing happen at once: acid, rap, hardcore, broadway, opera, novelty, hit. The B-side, “America No More”, uses the helicopters of Apocalypse Now and radio soundbytes to compare the Gulf War to Vietnam, investing our ideas of pleasure (drum-thunder = bombs, bagpipes = armies) with terror. This is the kind of thing Conrad Boehmer could create if he’d restrict himself to four minutes of relevance: chilling musique concrete which achieves musical coherence via political suss.
Ben Watson, The Wire, Jun 1992
Ben Watson

Tracks & Formats


7″ Single / 24 Feb 1992
A America: What Time Is Love? (Radio) 3:30
B America No More 6:03


7″ Multicolored Single / 1992
A America: What Time Is Love? (Edit) _:__

Limited gift edition of 50 copies for friends and relatives.


Cassette Single / 24 Feb 1992
A1 America: What Time Is Love? (Radio) 3:30
A2 America No More 6:03


12″ Single / 24 Feb 1992
A America: What Time Is Love? (Uncensored Version) 9:02
B America No More 6:07

The 2-track 12″ single featuring the full 9 minute version of AWTIL is included in Lazlo’s original discography but not listed on Discogs. A quick survey revealed that nobody seems to own a copy of this particular release so chances are it might not exist at all…


12″ Single / 1992
A America: What Time Is Love? 7:34
B America No More 5:56


CD5 Single / 2 Mar 1992
1 America: What Time Is Love? (Radio Edit) 3:30
2 America No More 6:07
3 America: What Time Is Love? (Uncensored Version) 9:02
4 America No More (Just The Pipe Band) 3:18


12″ Single / 1991
A America: What Time Is Love? (Promo Edit) 5:28
B America No More 6:07


12″ Single / Dec 1991
A January: What Time Is Love? 7:23

January: What Time Is Love? drops the lyrics during the refrains and the recital of city and state names during the second half of the track. It also replaces the spoken intro with a bagpipe performance of “Auld Lang Syne”.


12″ Single / 1992
A What Time Is Love? (Acid Mix) 5:49

Pressed in a limited run of 20 copies Bootlegs exists and are presumed to have been produced by Mike Dutton as the lettering in the runout grooves of this and the single-sided Madrugada Eterna bootleg share a lot of similarities.


7″ Single / 1992
A America: What Time Is Love? 3:30
B Justified And Ancient (Stand By The JAMS) 3:37

Jukebox promo.

5 thoughts on “America: What Time Is Love?

  1. KLF USA 4T (the rumoured pressing with Uncensored) may be traced back to that French mail-order “European Exclusivity/Worldwide Exclusivity” picture disc which uses British runouts/matrixes, but the one for the A-side is KLF USA 004 X.

  2. The origins of its early US release is debateful. The most likely is that it was put out on Arista’s request after they asked for new content to support the US re-release of WTIL (the result was later re-edited for UK release), hence why one image you posted said “What Time Is Love US Mix” on a DAT tape.

    Another theory (from someone’s “KLF album-by-track-by-single”) project is that most radio stations rejected the Live At Trancentral mix, forcing Arista to tell the KLF to “Americanise” the LAT mix. Instead, they made an utter joke with everything that came to mind after they heard the word “America”, including the launch of The Voice Of Rock’s revived career. They somehow accepted it. This seems skeptal as he ignored the fact that the commercial 7″ had a slight edit of the LAT single mix (better than the US album mix).

    1. That sounds plausible and like a very KLF-ish thing to do. “They want more America? We will give them more!”

        1. Second. IIRC one of the later books (Turn Up The Strobe?) tells how Bill was at the phone talking to Jimmy, asking him to add even more bombast to what he played him over the phone. Sounds like they wanted to go all the way up to 11 with it.

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