It’s Grim Up North

“Radio-friendly” version of The JAMs’ 1990 club single It’s Grim Up North, replacing Pete Wylie’s vocals with Bill’s.

Promotion & Advertising

The first advert for It’s Grim Up North appeared in the NME in late October ’91. The layout is centered around the large JAMs logo and includes the single’s release date as the only other bit of information.

28-10-91 - The JAMs - Pyramid Blaster Logo - KLF Communications Logo
Advert for The JAMs’ “It’s Grim Up North” (NME, 26 Oct 1991)

The second advert appeared two weeks later in November, displaying a slightly smaller JAMs logo and the tag line “The North Will Rise Again”. The very same  phrase first appeared in Prestwich Prophet’s Grin on Who Killed The JAMs? and is also featured during the outro of the music video for It’s Grim Up North.

KLF Communications Logo - Pyramid Blaster Logo - The JAMs Logo - "The North Will Rise Again" - CD
Advert for The JAMs’ “It’s Grim Up North” (NME, 9 Nov 1991)


A hell of a record. Literally.
Melody Maker, Nov 1991
[It’s] completely fab in a very KLF mad-great-uncle-sort-of-way. Of course. Runner-up Single Of The Fortnight.
Smash Hits, Nov 1991


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