Disco 2000: Nineteen New Stories From The Last Hours Of 1999

Disco 2000 (Nineteen New Stories From The Last Hours Of 1999)

Disco 2000 features Bill Drummond’s short story “Let’s Grind (or How K2 Plant Hire Ltd Went To Work)”.

Despite its name the book is in no way related to the KLF side project of the same name.

Back Cover Blurb

The party starts here… with a cast of crazy scientists, nomadic DJs, fetish queens, conspiracy theorists, killer ants, graffiti artists, gangsters, convicts, cult leaders, Netheads, repilcants, religious maniacs and ball room dancers.

Is it worth getting?

“Let’s Grind…” has also been included in 45. If you are slightly interested in Bill’s short stories chances are you already own that anyway, so there really is no need to pick up “Disco 2000” separately.

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