What’s the difference between the UK and US White Room albums?

The US version is, unfortunately, edited. The UK version presents the first five tracks (“WTIL?” through “Last Train”) as a kind of “mini-concert” with sampled crowd noise from, among other places, U2’s ‘Rattle And Hum’. All five tracks are segued and mixed. The US version eliminates the crowd noise, with some tracks ending very abruptly. It doesn’t work nearly as well, and in some places (right after the “Justified” lead-in to “WTIL?”) is downright stupid. This is probably as the crowd noise was sampled from a Doors album and hence the obvious copyright problems.

The US edition also has the single mix of “Last Train” instead of the mellower UK album version, edits “No More Tears” down from 9:24 to 6:42, and adds a little more wind noise at the end of the closing “Justified and Ancient”. The Japanese version follows the US format, and in addition includes three extra tracks. See the discography for more info.


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