One Love Nation

One Love Nation was the second Disco 2000 single, strongly based on The Candystore from the Who Killed The JAMs? album.

[…] I’ll do some stuff with Disco 2000 (KLF stars). This is going to be incredibly futuristic House – so futuristic that it only has a bass drum. The girl’ll be doing speed rapping over the top. I’m not quite sure how speed rap works but sounds good.<span class="su-quote-cite">Jimmy Cauty, Sounds, 6 Feb 1988</span>


Less spectacularly sordid than I expected, considering their reputation for eating whole armies before breakfast, but slippery trinkets are frequently there to be eased out of the mire.
[…] a tuff new house tune sure to consolidate the groundwork that ‘Downtown’ did, clubwise.
Dave Lee, The Catalogue, Mar 1989
Dave Lee

Tracks & Formats

D 2002

12″ Single / 4 Apr 1988
A1 One Love Nation (Radio Edit) 3:40
A2 One Love Nation (Extended Mix) 6:09
B One Love Nation (Club Mix) 5:18

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