Lost Sounds Of Mu Series

Lost Sounds Of Mu is a fan-made compilation series including various hard-to-find and vinyl-only mixes. Both volumes where originally available through the KLF Mailing List.

Whereas the first release concentrates on original output by The KLF and some of their side projects, the second release branches out to also include some (most) of their remix work.

Tracks & Formats

Lost Sounds Of Mu / JAMMS 23

CD Compilation / 1996
1 The KLF: 3 a.m. Eternal (Original) 6:00
2 The KLF: Justified And Ancient (Anti A Cappella Mix) 7:11
3 The KLF: What Time Is Love? (Acid Mix) 5:49
4 Discotec 2000: Feel This 5:35
5 The KLF: Kylie Said Harder 5:31
6 The KLF: What Time Is Love? (Virtual Reality Mix) 6:53
7 The KLF: Madrugada Eterna (Club Mix) 5:19
8 The KLF: 3 a.m. Eternal (Moody Boy) 6:52
9 Space: Mars 7:49
10 The KLF: What Time Is Love? (Live At The Land Of Oz) 8:40
11 The KLF: What Goes On? (Ambient Mix Part 3) 6:13
12 The JAMs: It’s Grim Up North (Omsk Mix) 0:59

The last track is not a genuine JAMs track but a hoax/joke edit created by looping a short snippet of the low rumbling bassline from Part 2 of It’s Grim Up North.

Lost Sounds Of Mu Volume 2 / JAMMS 24

CD Compilation / Feb 1998
1 The KLF: 3 p.m. Electro 5:58
2 Disco 2000: I Gotta CD (7″ Edit) 3:47
3 The Timelords: Gary In The Tardis (Minimal) 4:08
4 The KLF: Kylie In A Trance (Remix) 6:26
5 Pet Shop Boys: So Hard (The KLF vs Pet Shop Boys) 5:27
6 Pet Shop Boys: It Must Be Obvious (UFO Mix) 9:22
7 Depeche Mode: Policy Of Truth (Trancentral Mix) 5:55
8 The KLF: Justified And Ancient (Demo MK2) 6:58
9 The KLF: Last Train To Trancentral (Razormaid Mix) 6:01
10 The KLF: January What Time Is Love? 7:23
11 The KLF vs Extreme Noise Terror: 3 a.m. Eternal (Live At The BRIT Awards) 2:53
12 K Foundation: K. Cera Cera (War Is Over If You Want It) 4:35

The Razormaid Mix is no official KLF track but a remix by Joseph Watt of Razormaid Records, an American DJ remix service. Their remix combines various elements from the Iron Horse/Lost Continent/White Room version and is generally considered one of the best KLF DJ remixes among fans.

Volume 2 also includes two of the Bad Wisdom readings by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning as aired on Radio 1 as hidden tracks.

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