Come Down Dawn

Come Down Dawn is an alternate version of Chill Out and the second entry in the Samplecity Thru Trancentral series, released on 4 Feb 2021.

Much like its predecessor the album follows an imaginary trip along the southeast coast of the United States, albeit in the opposite direction this time, starting from Brooklyn, New York and arriving at Mexico City. According to the official description published by The KLF Re-enactment Society Come Down Dawn is a pre-mix of Chill Out.

Differences Between Chill Out And Come Down Dawn

Differences include the removal of previously included samples from other artists’ songs, most notable with ‘Elvis On The Radio…’ which was dropped altogether, and the last four tracks starting with ‘The Lights Of Baton Rouge Pass By’ which were condensed into the closing track ‘San Rafael…’.

Meanwhile,  the previously nine-minute-long ‘3 a.m. Somewhere Out Of Beaumont’ has been shortened to a mere 3:37 for ‘North Druid Hills…’. However, tracks 8-10 finally add the already Chill-Out-esque Virtual Reality Mix from What Time Is Love? (Remodelled & Remixed).

Tracks & Formats

Come Down Dawn

Digital Album / 4 Feb 2021
1 Brooklyn To Atlantic City 3:31
2 Atlantic City To Philadelphia 2:41
3 Philadelphia To Baltimore 2:38
4 Baltimore To Fair Play 7:45
5 Fair Play To North Druid Hills 1:04
6 North Druid Hills To Atlanta 3:37
7 Atlanta To Mobile 7:15
8 Mobile To Houston 2:11
9 Houston To Laredo 2:17
10 Laredo To El Prado 1:29
11 El Prado To San Rafael 1:38
12 San Rafael To Mexico City 2:11

15 thoughts on “Come Down Dawn

    1. This is the original version before samples were added, not an “edit”. It also has additional parts not on the “Chill Out” version and is mixed a bit differently.

      1. BS. The original was with samples including LX P actually. And THOSE got stripped out. You are false data.

      1. Doesn’t make sense streaming only. That’s just giving money to a handful or corporations, Drummond & Cauty see mere pennies, and the public can’t buy the music and own their own copy. What’s up with that? If it’s a non-material thing with Drummond & Cauty that doesn’t even make sense. They should get every dollar/pound/euro/yen coming to them and then hand it over to not for profit health services then.

        1. The point of the art is to make it streaming only. I keep thinking they are going to take the “billions and billions” of dollars they get from streaming content and burn it. Well, by “billions and billions”, I’m referring to the pennies they will receive from said corporations.

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