What Time Is Love? (Power Remix)

Exclusive Austrian release featuring remixes by German producer Jürgen Koppers.  Note that most (all?) copies are somehow mislabeled or mispressed and don’t include the Power Remix at all (GIG 666 214 being the only exception).


A What Time Is Love? (Power Remix) 7:37
B1 What Time Is Love? (Mix 1) 7:03
B2 What Time Is Love? (Power Remix 7″) 3:41

6 thoughts on “What Time Is Love? (Power Remix)

  1. Interesting!, I never knew about the mispress element of this release, honestly can’t say I recall which my copy is or even if I’ve played it, it’s always been a random curio in the middle of the UK releases, think mine came from one of the many record fairs in the 90’s, will have to check the catalogue number on mine tonight…. which is more sought after though, original flavour or misspressed flavour 😀

    1. Since the alleged “mispress” is the commonly available release it would actually be worth less than one with the actual Power Remix.

  2. Just checked 9031-72896-0, haha, all these years and I never noticed, I swear this disc must be unplayed, at least by me, not a mark on it, is it too late do you think to get my money back 😀

  3. CDS ( GiG Records ‎– 9031-72897-2) features:

    1 What Time Is Love (7″ Remix) (Remix – Jürgen Koppers) 3:54
    2 What Time Is Love (Pure Trance 1 Side A Mix) 7:08
    3 What Time Is Love (Pure Trance 1 Side B Mix) 7:05

    Although I tink the Power Remix by Jürgen Koppers is the worst WTIL Remix of all, the CDS is still worth collecting because you get 2 original “old” WTIL Remixes on 1 CD.

    1. I have to agree, after finding out my copy was a duff last week I sought out the ‘power’ remix and you’re right, it’s bloody awful, kind of glad I hadn’t heard it for 30 years on reflection

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