The Future Sound Of Mu(sic)

While most of South-Western Europe is currently in the grasp of summer heat, hell actually froze over as The KLF announced their upcoming world tour yesterday – albeit with a twist.

Having booked venues around the globe – including such prestiguous locations as the Great Wall Of China and Monument Valley – the duo will play both their hits and their iconic Chill Out album on separate nights.

In 2323.

Yes, you read that right.

The KLF 2323 World Tour will start in 300 years time on 23rd January 2323.
There are 23 gigs to be played over 12 dates at 23 different venues.
Each night one gig will feature the hits, the other will feature the Chill Out album.
The final performance at The People’s Pyramid will feature both elements.
For those who look to the future, tickets for the 2323 World Tour will become available in due course.
For now there is just merch.

The “just merch” includes tour shirts (both short and long sleeve) and a poster, both available in various editions.

All merch is available from the L-13 webshop as usual.

If you decide to camp outside any of the announced venues feel free to tag us in your shared selfies!

6 thoughts on “The Future Sound Of Mu(sic)

  1. “As of the 23rd of November 2023, all of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond joint recorded work, is being archived at the British Library.”

    Does anybody else think that means that they will delete everything from Spotify etc?

    1. I hope not, they still haven’t released the remainder of the “Samplecity Thru Trancentral” series.

      I personally can’t wait to hear the “Pure Trance Series”.

  2. Me, too Andrew.

    Would love to see the digital release of some of my favorite KLF Trance Remixes, lots only existing on Vinyl.

    For example:

    -3 A.M. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix) feat “[1989] 3 A.M. Eternal (Pure Trance Remixes) [KLF 005R]”

    -Kylie In A Trance (Extended)
    -Kylie In A Trance (Remix)
    feat”[1989] Kylie Said To Jason [KLF PROMO]”

    -What Time Is Love (Virtual Reality Mix) feat “[1990] What Time Is Love (Remodelled & Remixed) [KLF 004Y]”

    ………and many more……….

    1. The Pure Trance releases are most likely to still get a release at this point.

      The Moody Boys remixes on the other hand are probably too sample-heavy to be released either verbatim or edited beyond recognition to keep them enjoyable.

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