Waiting For The Rights Of Mu

"Waiting For The Rights Of Mu"; blue cover with black silhouette of The KLF's "Why Sheep" pose

Waiting For The Rights Of Mu [sic] is a bootleg album issued by German dub reggae label Echo Beach in late 1997. The release features the soundtrack of The KLF’s ambient video Waiting, and the complete version of The Rites Of Mu narrated by Martin Sheen instead of The KLF’s plugger Scott Piering who did voiceovers on the MTV version.

Rumour has is that Waiting For The Rights Of Mu started out as a semi-official release with The KLF providing the source material to Echo Beach’s Nicolai Beverungen until they changed their mind and tried to stop its distribution.

With Waiting only being available on VHS (and ultra-rare promo CDRs) this is a worthwhile addition to one’s KLF collection.

Tracks & Formats


CD Album / 13 Oct 1997
1 Waiting 42:39
2 The Rites Of Mu 29:24


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  1. Isn’t the Narrator Charlie Sheen? I think that’s pretty much confirmed. It definitely sounds like him after watching Two And Half Men on repeat…

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