What Time Is Love? (The Monster Attack Mix)

The Monster Attack Mix is an unreleased, slighty more beat-driven version of The KLF’s original What Time Is Love? which adds some additional screams and monster noises (hence its name). Its drum pattern is similar to that of the remixes which appeared on KLF004R.

According to The KLF’s 1989 Completeist List only three copies of KLF004M have been pressed. Jimmy, Bill and Youth reportedly each owned a copy. Rumour has it they took the record to Land Of Oz one night and asked Paul Oakenfold – who had played the original every week – to give it a test run. Their new version went down badly on the dancefloor, though, so Bill and Jimmy decided to scrap it.

The Monster Attack Mix also appeared as the B-side on the (equally unreleased) Love Trance and a couple of bootlegs, most notably as a bonus track on the initial CD release of the White Room Soundtrack.

Even though none of the alleged three copies have since appeared on eBay, a brief feature in Record Collector from Feb 2005 put its estimated value at £500.

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