The History Of The JAMs aka The Timelords

The History Of  The JAMs is a compilation album released in the USA and Australia by TVT Records and Possum Records respectively.

While it borrows the album art from Who Killed The JAMs? its contents are closer to those of the Shag Times compilation, mirroring the latter’s tracklist for the most part. As TVT were obviously trying to cash in on The Timelords’ recent success while at the same time marketing the record to an audience not necessarly familiar with the duo’s previous output The History Of The JAMs tries its best to remind potential buyers that The JAMs and The Timelords are one and the same through the titles added over the originally textless cover image and additional stickers one some of the CD releases.


[On] their splendidly daft second album (recorded two years ago, only just released here) [The JAMs] summon forth a lunatic Scotsman to rave throughout like some refugee from the pages of an Iain Banks novel. Imagine The Beastie Boys having a knees-up with Dave Brubeck and Petula Clark and you’re getting close.
Lynden Barber, Sydney Morning Herald (18 Jul 1989)
Lynden Barber

Tracks & Formats

TVT 4040

LP & CS / 20 Mar 1989
A1 All You Need Is Love (106 bpm)
A2 Don’t Take Five (Take What You Want)
A3 Whitney Joins The J.A.M.s
A4 The Porpoise Song (Instrumental Remix)
B1 Down Town
B2 Candyman
B3 Burn The Beat
B4 Doctorin’ The Tardis

TVT 4040 CD

CD / 20 Mar 1989
1 All You Need Is Love (106 bpm) 5:01
2 Don’t Take Five (Take What You Want) 4:06
3 Whitney Joins The J.A.M.s 7:09
4 The Porpoise Song (Instrumental Remix) 5:17
5 Down Town 4:29
6 Candyman 3:28
7 Burn The Beat 6:31
8 Doctorin’ The Tardis 3:38
9 Gary In The Tardis 3:25

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