Seventeen Again

Today Penkiln Burn announced Dry Run, a dry-run (obviously) for a new play by Tenzing Scott Brown titled Before During After which will be performed at PRIMEYARC this Sunday.

The performance will include a screening of Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow... as well as the launch of a tribute choir of The17 named Our Seventeen.

Act One of Dry Run may involve three people who are knitting The Million Stitch Blanket while comparing and contrasting the formative careers of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish.
Act Two of Dry Run includes the screening of the film Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And All Music Has Disappeared.
Act Three of Dry Run will include the launch of Our Seventeen.
Our Seventeen will be a tribute choir.
Our Seventeen will be a tribute choir of The17.

A limited set of 40 free tickets is available from Event Bright.

If you cannot make you will have the chance to see Before During After proper at the Deliaphonic in Coventry next spring.

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