The “What Time Is Love” Story

Six-track mini compilation released in the wake of the success of What Time Is Love? in Europe, gathering various cover versions compiled by Alex Paterson (The Orb) as well as a live version performed by The KLF at Land Of Oz.

The next release will be JAMS LP4 – THE WHAT TIME IS LOVE STORY (25th Sept).

This is a six-track, 40 minute mid-price LP. It’s a sample of some of the illegal (it’s in their karma) cover versions of everybody’s favourite arm-waving-in-the-lasers track, that have been popping up all over Europe this year. Also included is a recording of the K.L.F.’s premier live performance at The Land of Oz on 31st July 1989.KLF Info Sheet #6, Aug 1989

According to rumours the original title was to be “Now That’s What I Call What Time Is Love!” until the producers of the “Now That’s What I Call Music” series complained. While this rumour has yet to be confirmed a slight variation of the slogan ended up on the sticker coming with the LP.

An LP for under a fiver, now that’s what I call love!Sticker

The “What Time Is Love” Story replaced the then still planned (and eventually scrapped) White Room Soundtrack as JAMS LP4.


If you do the right thing and fall asleep with this album in your headphones or trip the light fantastic, you become covered with more goosebumps than any self-respecting plucked Christmas bird and start having very pleasant dreams about vampires dipping their fangs into your expectant jugular.
Helen Mead, Unknown
Helen Mead
This LP collects the original, a live version, plus various house, Italian and Belgian-style “tributes”, of which one wonders why all the vocalists sound so alike (and British, even when praising Allah), and wouldn’t it be a good scam if you released 18 different versions acattered across Europe`On the other hand, seeing as the whole thing sells for under a fiver, you could just enter into the spirit of it all and just have fun with some rather good dance music.
Ian Cranna, Q Magazine, Dec 1989
Ian Cranna

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