Living In A Giant Candle Winking At God

Living In A Giant Candle Winking At God is the only album by the Transit Kings, a band consisting of Jimmy Cauty, Alex Paterson, Guy Pratt and Dom Beken.

The four members had already started messing around with musical ideas at the end of the 90s, but it would take them another few years until the release of the first single Boom Bang Bombay as Custerd in 2003. A follow-up album titled Ear Cake 3000 was announced but never materialized.

Two years and one name change later the five-track EP Token introduced the Transit Kings to a wider audience in 2005. In July 2006 London based record label Malicious Damage started releasing a set of three singles containing a couple of album tracks and remixes over the course of four weeks, which were followed by the release of the full album in August.

Jimmy was involved in the writing and production of most of the album’s tracks but left the band before its release.

“Sadly, we’ve not made it ton to Top Of The Pops, yet, so Jimmy’s kind of lost interest a little bit”, adds Beken. “His idea for the album was that we finish it and we make one master copy. We then encase that one copy in Perspex and lose it! I didn’t want to spend a whole year recording an album and then chucking it away.”

“I’ve known Jimmy for a long time,” says Paterson, “so I should have been ready for something like this. I actually rang Youth up the other day and said, ‘Look, what’s Jimmy’s problem?’ He just said, ‘That’s Jimmy.’ In many ways, it’s a little bit of history repeating itself.”Dom Beken & Alex Paterson, Future Music, Mar 2006

Two years after the release of Living In a Giant Candle Winking at God Malicious Damage released Early Bath, a compilation of unreleased bonus tracks and an XFM Radio Session.


[The album] could scarcely be more 90s. A clue to its provenance is that all the tracks go on far too long, with six minutes of the aimless Wagon Wheels, in particular, being about seven too many. At its best, you can kid yourself that you remember hearing this back in the day, probably in a field at 3am. But you didn’t. And you never will. It’s an album out of time in more ways than one, which belies the genuine talent involved.
Simon Hugo, Record Collector, Jan 2007
Simon Hugo

Tracks & Formats


CD / 21 Aug 2006
1 The West End Of A Duck Going East 6:12
2 Stop Over (Dance With Me) 0:10
3 Concourse 7:16
4 Boom (Bombay) 5:42
5 Oh Shit 4:02
6 Baby Don’t 5:17
7 Japanese Cars 4:56
8 Free Free 8:08
9 Blooze Tracks 5:19
10 America Is Unavailable 5:21
11 Wagon Wheels 6:06
12 The Last Lighthouse Keeper 6:38


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