1987 (The JAMs 45 Edits)

After 1987 had been banned from sale the JAMs released 1987 (The JAMs 45 Edits), an edited (free of dangerously illegal samples) version of their original LP.

Having handed over the master tapes, Bill and Jimmy took the full album and simply replaced all unauthorised elements with mere silence, leaving listeners with large sections playing no sound whatsoever. The edited 45 Edits were then sold through the usual retail channels and offered as replacement to anyone who returned their copy to the JAMs.

We don’t think we’re ripping the public off with this record. The gaps in the record just show up the idiocy of the copyright laws so far as we’re concerned.Rockman Rock (NME, 7 Nov 1987)

The album’s liner notes include free instructions on how to add your own samples and recreate the original release in the privacy and comfort of your own home or studio. An unknown German programme even aired a six-minute feature about this, starring Bill as record salesman and Jimmy as frustrated buyer.

Tracks & Formats


12″ EP / 16 Oct 1987
A1 Hey Hey We’re Not The Monkees
Mind The Gap [unlisted]
A2 Don’t Take Five (Take What You Want)
A3 Rockman Rock (Parts 2 And 3)
Why Did You Throw Away Your Giro? [unlisted]
B1 Me Ru Con
B2 The Queen And I
Top Of The Pops [unlisted]
B3 All You Need Is Love (106 bpm)
B4 Next

The record did not come with a traditional tracklist, but apart from the obvious periods of silence it’s identical to the original LP. Since they are the only original compositions both “Me Ru Con” and the unlisted tracks from the A-side remain untouched. Meanwhile the B-side’s “Top Of The Pops” is missing completely but still listed in the instructions, hence it’s included in the above list.

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