Twenty Thousand

"Twenty Thousand" by Bill Drummond
This book is an edition of one, printed over three volumes.

In contains enough space to invite everyone who has purchased a 1/20,000 fraction of Smell Of Sulphur In The Wind to sign their name, put their email address and add the coordinates of their purchase. Bill Drummond updates the book for those buying fractions via mail order.

When all 20,000 fractions of Smell Of Sulphur In The Wind have been sold, all buyers will be emailed and informed and the book will be complete.Penkiln Burn Poster No. 400

Not to be confused with $20.000.

7 thoughts on “Twenty Thousand

  1. I just acquired one of these, grid ref 72,73 via ebay from a Mr S Smith. Cost me £30 including postage, so he did alright out of the deal… I’m a long term fan of Richard Long, and recently met Bill during his residency at the Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby, so a nice memento

  2. I have one of the 20000… purchased at an event ( Greenbelt Festival) long time ago.
    Grid reference 21 Across, 73 Down

  3. Hello Folk who run the KLF website…..
    It’s hard to tell from the website if comments get a response. Perhaps it’s the case that they don’t usually need one.
    However I wonder if you or anyone who looks at the website can help me?
    I owned one of the 20,000 pieces. I kept it safe from many years -purchased from Bill at a Bedford Contemporary Arts event. I finally decided to get it framed with the postcard side on the front, but asked the framers to make the back clear so that I could see my 1/20,000 of the Richard Long print. I explained to them that it was this side that was important as a piece of Art. For some bizarre, inexplicable reason they scraped off the photo. I am very upset about this.
    Can someone tell me if it is still possible to buy one of the 20,000 (I do occasionally look on eBay for them) or does anyone have one for sale? It doesn’t seem to be the case that Bill ever had the $20,000 and buried them it in Iceland

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