$20,000 is the second, updated edition of How To Be An Artist.

Back Cover Blurb


Uncertainty, Motorways, Money, Meeting Strangers, Missing The Point, A Drive Up Britain, A Walk Across Iceland, Bill Drummond, Sitting In Cafes, Staring Out Of Windows, The Unknown, Finding Out, Confusion, Music, Doing Things, Richard Long, Cutting Up & Making A Sales Pitch.


Why we make art. And what we want from it. And what it is worth. And why we think about it. And where it is going. And is it ever too big? And is it getting better? And why we buy it. And why it can make us angry. And why do people have to write about it? And what it is for. And is it important? And why sometimes we want to destroy it. And is my art better than your art?


To avoid disappointment read the following words before purchase: This is the second edition of this book, the paperback version. The first edition was titled How To Be An Artist. It was hardback, clothbound and landscape in proportion. It had 90 colour plates and the paper was of superiour quality. It was an object of desire and indulgence.

It was also only available in specialist art bookshops and it was published in 2002.

This edition is cheaper and easier to hold, shelve and use. It has no colour plates and the paper is pulp, three paragraphs that appeared in the hardback have been deleted, as they are now irrelevant, some factual mistakes have been corrected. It also brings the story up to date, with 15,304 brand new words. The third edition will have yet another title, lots of photographs, more words and be vastly more expensive. The third edition will not be published for some years.

If anybody feels the urge to count the words to verify this claim please let us now in the comments below.

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