Is God A Cunt?

Seventh book published by Penkiln Burn.

This book is an edition of one, printed over six volumes.

Each of the volumes exists for people to express their response to the question posed in the title.

These books have only been made available to the general public on a few occasions.

Four of the volumes were stolen from the exhibition New Religious Art at St Peter’s Church, Seel Street, Liverpool in September 2002.

The exhibition was part of the Liverpool Biennial 2002.Penkiln Burn Poster No. 399

While this is related to one of Bill’s many works it does not necessarily feature any contributions from him.

7 thoughts on “Is God A Cunt?

  1. God is a cunt because he, he only sent is son to hell forever.
    Why? No reason, all he’d done is start a rebellion, so yes, he is a cunt.

  2. I will go further and say that god (if he,she or it exists) is an evil sadistic bullying coward,
    and yes, a huge CUNT.

  3. After waiting for that long for the continuation of the new releases of the KLF, I came to the point to say that the KLF (both people) are CUNTS. So stupid to let us wait that long, I hate it. I am Wolf Rüdiger von Falkenstein, KLF fan since the beginning, collecting everything, so sad that I came to that point.

    1. As Grandmaster Yoda said: “Patience you must have”. It sounds like that approach may be wearing thin now, let’s see what happens! The KLFRS site says:

      “SAMPLECITY THRU TRANCENTRAL is being done by The Kommittee of The KLF Re-Enactment Society over a period of some months.”

      Some months? But then says:

      “ The five chapters of SAMPLECITY THRU TRANCENTRAL are to be streamed in no particular order between the 1st of January 2021 and some destination in an unknowable future.”

      And on the KLFRS in general it says:

      “Rumour has it that it will last until the 31st of December 2043. Others claim it will close after five tight years.”

      Then Under ‘Mirrors’ says:

      “…….regularly updated list of the significant Mirror Holdings reflecting and refracting the work of The KLF Re-Enactment Society between the 1st of January 2021 and the 31st of December 2025.”

      Also people must have been submitting re-enactments to the KLFRS site as requested that are yet unpublished

      There is no doubt more to come, we survived the (semi) 23 year moratorium, so ‘waiting’ is all a part of this.

      Meanwhile, this article from last August might give some you some hope, it sounds like the master tapes have been digitised and remastered:

    2. A huge one. If “God” exists, he is the embodiment of pure evil. Raped a teenage virgin, let his son die, murdered millions in a flood, does nothing for those in pain, watched 6 million die from covid. That’s scratching the surface. Utter, utter cunt.

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