For Sale (Pamphlet No. 16)

For Sale was originally published for those considering buying A Smell Of Sulphur In The Wind by the artist Richard Long from Bill Drummond.

The story opens with a quote from A Smell Of Money Under Ground, another short story previously published in the book 45. The book tells the story of Bill purchasing Richard Long’s photo and ends on the idea of selling the photograph for its original price to then bury the money underneath its original location, then taking another picture of the spot which would in turn be called A Smell Of Money Under Ground.

For Sale further elaborates on how Bill had planned to sell the photograph through a gallery in Bristol in May 2000 but changed his mind just a few days prior to the exhibition, planning to put up 500 “For Sale” placards througout Britain to try and find a buyer instead.

“For Sale” placard (taken from “How To Be An Artist”)

The story was later continued in the short story A Proposal, the book How To Be An Artist (which also includes a reprint of the pamphlet’s text), and then, as of 2010, $20,000.

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