Deep Shit (Further Adventures Of The JAMs)

Deep Shit (Further Adventures Of The JAMs) is an unreleased comic book drawn by Jimmy Cauty, starring the inked personae of Rockman Rock and King Boy D.

Our alter egos have taken full flight. Rockman Rock and King Boy D are now comic book characters. We hope to have Vol I out in the Autumn, the full graphic novel (titled “Deep Shit (The Further Adventures Of The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu)”) will not be out until late 1990.The JAMs (Info Sheet #4, Summer 1989)

However, once finished Jimmy didn’t seem happy with the result and scrapped the comic.

At the start of 1993, Jimmy completed one issue [started in 1989] of his graphic novel ‘Deep Shit: The Further Adventures of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu’ but he decided it was ‘crap’ and ‘threw it out’.Unknown
Frame from “Deep Shit” by Jimmy Cauty

A couple of frames from the comic later appeared on Jimmy’s website and in the Advanced Acoustic Armaments Cookbook.

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