What is “Towards The Trance”?

Towards The Trance was the second part of the Shag Times UK double LP. The first part, Shag Times was definitely released as a single album in Europe (and omitting Doctorin’ The Tardis). No-one has ever seen Towards The Trance as a separate single album release. It may be that it never got released, and then they decided to run with Shag Times in the UK to cash in on the Doctorin’ The Tardis success, and bundled it with Towards The Trance.

Some discographies include it as “Towards The Trance KLF LP1”. The catalogue number and above details came from Bill himself when asked in a letter from Culf, what happened to “Towards The Trance”. Most of the LP is the second disc of Shag Times, i.e. a collection of remixes showing The JAMs progressing towards The KLF.

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