Toxteth Is A State Of Mind

As Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2021 draws closer the L-13 have shared some news about this year’s schedule.

[UPDATE] The celebration of this year’s Toxteth Day has been moved to the Palace Hotel in Buxton!

The laying of the Bricks of Mu on the Foundation Stone of The People’s Pyramid is to be celebrated both inside and outside of The Cat & Fiddle public house which is located between Buxton and Macclesfield, on the border between Derbyshire and Cheshire.

More information, details on how to get there, and accommodations in the surrounding area can be found in the L-13 newsletter.

For updated details please follow this link.

2 thoughts on “Toxteth Is A State Of Mind

  1. Toxteth Liverpool 8 in many ways I still think.of a ‘ home’ ..I first moved to a tiny flat just off Upper Parliament St when I.was 18 yrs old just a couple of years after the Toxteth riots..The community was fantastic ,great food ,great music and great I.miss Liverpool 8 and lived there on & off for many years .

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