All You Need Is Love (106bpm)

Commercial release in proper sleeve featuring a picture of the JAMS-defaced billboard (“SHAG SHAG SHAG”) featuring the face of controversial UK policeman James Anderton. MC5/Beatles samples were removed from the intro. Samantha Fox samples still intact, though.

After the end of last year I asked Rockman Rock if he wanted to tear some things down, he did. So we made a record, pressed five hundred, the fuse was lit. As you will have read in your friendly rock paper, the record could not be bought as nobody would distribute it for fears of prosecution. John Peel couldn’t play it and we had no money left. Then a couple of major companies threatened to sue. Fuck them. So we edited the record in such a way that brought us inside the “law” but still got up peoples noses, and got the record out.Bill Drummond, KLF Info Sheet, Oct 1987

With the samples in question removed (and probably some help from the publicity generated from the original version) it was less of a problem to find a proper distributor for All You Need Is Love now.

Controversial Clydebank hip-hoppers The Justified Ancients Of Mu-Mu are finally in a position to get their single ‘All You Need Is Love’ into the record shops after initially being turned down by all the major independent distributors.

The scratch mix, which features various Beatles cut-ups and the chant “shag, shag, shag!”, had been boycotted by labels worried about the legal implications. But now The Jams – who are rumored to be former Echo And The Bunnymen manager Bill Drummond’s alter ego – have doctored their master tapes and re-pressed the record, which will be released later this month on their own Sound Of Mu label through The Cartel.NME, 9 May 1987


Combining its splintered sound artefacts (The MC5 to Sam Fox) with a blistering battery of percussion noises and the withering, disjointed voice of King Boy D (“the hottest MC on the river Clyde”), ´Love´ is a record where the rhythm methods of the US are firlmy transplanted to the UK and given new life via The JAMs’ sheer bludgeoning ambition.
Sounds, 16 May 1987

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