3 a.m. Eternal (Pure Trance Remixes)

Originally scheduled 7 Nov 1988, the second remix single from The KLF’s Pure Trance series hit shops in September 1989, including remixes by The Moody Boys and The Orb.

Tracks & Formats

KLF 005R

12″ Single / 18 Sep 1989
A1 3 a.m. Eternal (The Original Edit) 3:38
A2 3 a.m. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital) 7:35
B1 3 a.m. Eternal (Moody Boy) 6:50
B2 3 p.m. Electro 5:58

Despite its title A1 is actually an edit of the Break For Love version rather than the original.

The Blue Danube Orbital remix used to be a constant source of confusion in the past due to its name suggesting a connection to Kentish dance duo Orbital. An early version of said remix titled “Mummie Don’t” also appeared on the first edition of The Orb’s Orbsession compilation album but got replaced on subsequent issues.

4 thoughts on “3 a.m. Eternal (Pure Trance Remixes)

  1. What a pity, the “3 a.m. Eternal – Blue Danube Orbital Remix” can’t be found on any 90s Rave/House compilations in digital format (CD). What remains is a Vinyl tranfer 🙁

    1. Well, yes and no.

      The first edition of The Orb’s Auntie Aubrey Excursions opened with the Blue Danube remix of 3AM, but it’s a slightly different version with a few additional samples thrown in during the breakdown and the outro which segues into the following track.

      Later pressings dropped the track altogether so better double-check the actual tracklist if you come across a copy.

  2. As far as I know the track “3 a.m. Eternal (The Original Edit)” appears on digital format (CD) exclusivly on the 1989 CD Rave compilation “Vitamin E”


    Discogs is telling us…..Track 1 is “3.A.M. Eternal (The Original Edit)” from KLF 005R

    So, I am not sure the track on the CD is Vinyl-sourced from KLF 005R or it it identical with KLF 005R ?

  3. I took one more listen to the the “3 a.m. Eternal (The Original Edit)” featured on the “Vitamin E” sampler/compilation CD, for me it seems that “they” didn’t took the version from Vinyl, seems digital studio – > CD.

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