Stamps Of Mass Destruction And Other Creative Disasters Vol. II

Cover of Jimmy Cauty's "Stamps Of Mass Destruction Vol. II"

The ultimate pocket size manual for the armchair art terrorist, brought to the public by the Blacksmoke Organisation and James Cauty. Cauty, legendary co-fouder of The KLF, The JAMMS and The Orb, the man who burnt one million pounds as a representative of the K Foundation, here publishes a collection of 52 first day covers featuring iconoclastic and topical images, complete with a sheet of perforated gummed stamps and collectors guide.

Back Cover Blurb

The definitive guide to CNPD postage stamps and first day covers – a sheet of CNDP stamps worth £25.00 FREE with every book – START YOUR COLLECTION NOW!

This illustrated guide features 52 first day covers designed by James Cauty for the CNPD. His contemporary and topical designs with a cutting edge feel have caught the eyes of philatelists worldwide and this book is aimed at introducing young people to this exciting hobby as well as providing a much needed reference work for established collectors.

James Cauty was founder member of wild pop groups The Orb, The JAMMS, The KLF and art do-gooders The K-Foundation. He also founded the Blacksmoke Organisation, an eco friendly post-terrorist peacenik art collective, but recently resigned his post there to spend more time with his stamp collection.

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