From The Shores Of Lake Placid (And Other Stories)

Cover of Bill Drummond's "From The Shores Of Lake Placid"

This book is one of an edition of five hundred published specifically for those attending the exhibition Glitter at the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

“Shores” was the first book published by Penkiln Burn in 1998 and features the following stories:

  • Mick Phoned
  • Sleeve Note
  • Take Three Bullets
  • Cocaine Dealers & American Girls
  • On Paper
  • From The Shores Of Lake Placid
  • It’s Shit
  • Chunky Thighs
  • Squeeze My Lemons Baby

Its title is most probably a reference to the 1982 compilation “To The Shores Of Lake Placid” released on Zoo Records, the label run by Bill Drummond and David Balfe.

Is it worth getting?

The 5-page story “Squeeze My Lemons Baby” remains exclusive to this book so it’s certainly worth it if you are a completeist. However, considering its limited print run and the fact that all other stories are also part of “45” we recommend you try and find a copy of the latter first and put “Shores” on your longtime shopping list instead.

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