Paint by Tenzing Scott Brown was printed in 2022 in an edition of 400 copies and is the 28th book published by Penkiln Burn.

Initial copies were sold by Bill Drummond on Sizewell Beach, Suffolk, with the remaining copies later made available through the Alimentation webshop.

Back Cover Blurb

PAINT is a book containing three plays about:

Learning to cross the road without looking; Learning to not know when to stop; Learning to write your memoir before reaching the age of 23; Learning that 24 is just too late; Learning not to be who you are; Learning to take off your clothes in public; Learning not to be wanted; Learning to be lost; Learning the difference between being a cake and every human being that has ever been born – cake has a purpose, humans don’t; Learning that it is never too late.

PAINT contains the words:

“You have been told many things.
It is now time to forget everything you have ever been told, and especially everything you have ever learnt.
Today is the morning that you will begin to unlearn everything anew.”

And the words:

“Would you accept a cake from a stranger?
Would you wonder why they are offering you a cake?
What does it mean? What is in it for the person giving away the free cake?
If you got home and your husband, daughter, wife or son said, “A stranger knocked on our door today and offered us a cake and I accepted it and here it is and would you like a slice with a cup of tea now, before I start to make dinner, or would you like a slice later…?” Would you eat that slice?
Or would you demand that your husband, daughter, wife or son throw that cake in the bin?”

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