I download a track called […] which is not in your discography?!

There are a few tracks out there which are not listed on our website. Chances are that the track in question simply is no KLF track at all.

The KLF “Please Don’t Go”

“Please Don’t Go” is a cover version by KWS (to our best knowledge). There are various versions of this song available, but none of them has ever been recorded by Bill and Jimmy.

The KLF “Turn Up The Strobe”

There are in fact two different tracks labelled “Turn Up The Strobe” out there. One of them is a very long track with not too much music at all but several voice samples spread throughout the track (most notably “I said it’s bigger than Scientology”). The actual title of the track is “God, the Devil and J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs part 9”, taken from a three hour radio broadcast of a band called “The Button”. It originally was going to be uploaded to mp3.com, but they didn’t seem to like all of the samples for some reason. The tracks then found their way to napster. When like minds of the Evolution Control Committee developed the “napster bomb”, The Button’s tracks were also made available in “bomb” form. Knowing that Turn Up The Strobe is a KLF “Holy Grail” which few (if any) have heard, they decided that it was a great delivery vehicle for the “bomb”.

The second track sounds like a very bad recorded trash metal jamming session, and is indeed by Bill and Jimmy (although its original name is either “The Black Room” or “Terminator 10”). The reason why there is no better version online is that it simply does not exist. Further recording of the “Black Room” album had been scrapped by The KLF in 1992, long before it had been finished.

The KLF “Kylie Said MU”

Apparently this is just a mislabelled remix of “Kylie Said To Jason”.

The KLF “38/The Black Room/Terminator 10/…”

These were taken from the first recording session of the “Black Room” album, so although they sound rather bad, they are indeed proper tracks by The KLF and Extreme Noise Terror. As mentioned above, there are unfortunately no better recordings of these.

Enigma ” Mea Culpa (KLF remix)”

The KLF never remixed any Enigma tracks during their five year long life span. The only artists that ever got the KLF treatment were Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys.

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