Is there any clothing available for buying?

Official KLF/JAMs Merchandise

The original t-shirts were deleted along with the KLF back catalogue but might appear on eBay every now and then. Given their age you obviously should not expect them to be in mint condition, though.

What can be picked up on eBay quite regularly is the 2K shirt with large letters on it shouting ‘Fuck The Millennium’, either as part of the 2K bag handed to the audience at the Barbican in 1997 or on their own. And yes, this is an official shirt.

Another run of t-shirts got released through the L-13 webshop between 2017 and 2019, with the former reading “2023 What The Fuuk Is Going On?” and the later sporting the original K2 Plant Hire Ltd. logo. Both have since sold out.

Unofficial/Fan Prints

A wide range of clothing and other items can be found at 23Eternal’s shop front on Redbubble, with available designs ranging from cover art replicas to custom designs on various possible and sometimes outlandish apparel – if you ever felt like your bathroom lacks a KLF-themed shower curtain this is your chance.

More KLF related items including t-shirts and backpacks can be found on the Etsy profile of Eight Ball Designs.

A bit less on the nose but obviously heavily inspired by the works of Bill is the store of Page 93 Photography which features various slogans from the government’s public Covid-19 campaign, all in the style of the later books published by Penkiln Burn.

We are also hosting a small store over at TeePublic ourselves, with profits usually being reinvested in obscure K-related items on eBay.

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5 thoughts on “Is there any clothing available for buying?

  1. I have a original KLF t-shirt with the pyramid on the sleeve & MUMU on the back. Won it off eBay years ago. Love that shirt

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