What are Bill and Jimmy doing right now?

Bill Drummond is currently doing his 25 Paintings Ten-Year World Tour until 2025.

Jimmy Cauty is working on ESTATE TPD 446 (A Town Planning Directive), a project that will see the building of 23 derelict tower blocks at 1/30 scale. You can follow the creation of ESTATE on Instagram.

The Estate (TDP 446)

In the meantime the ADP Riot Container is still changing places regularly.

As The JAMs (and part of CCC&D) they are currently overseeing their MuMufication project kicked off in 2017.

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  2. I fear this faq answer is somewhat out of date. Having just rereleased 1987 and turned over the surviving master tapes to the British Library, Bill and Jimmy are, while not busy with their solo projects, are planning the KLF’s World Tour in 232e

    1. Until just before 2017, no one would probably have bet that a KLF FAQ would need to be updated so often. 😉

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