Missionary Or Cannibal?

Cover of Bill Drummond's "Missionary Or Cannibal?"

Bill Drummond’s visit to Sydney in June 2015 was a detour on the Twelve Steps to 2025. This book is a rambling, discursive account of his visit, among many other things.

Limited edition of 200 copies according to the book’s liner notes, though rumors say only 100 copies got actually printed.


3 thoughts on “Missionary Or Cannibal?

  1. I heard from the publisher that 100 got printed for the exhibition in Australia & Bill brought half of those with him back to the UK. However, Bill recently told me he only had one copy – that was on display at his exhibition in Great Yarmouth in 2021.

  2. the book was produced a couple of months after bill’s visit to Sydney from the excellent notes he complied from the trip (the title is derived from his reflections as he flew to Sydney over Papua New Guinea… long story). it is correct that only 100 copies were printed, 10 hardcovers and 90 paperbacks. bill received five of the hardcovers and 20 of the paperback. the rest were sold [at cost] to patrons of the People’s Republic of Australasia (my venue) in Sydney.

    1. Wonder where the “200” is coming from then that’s printed in the book’s closing pages. Maybe they had planned for a larger (relatively speaking) edition and things changed midway as they usually do with Bill…

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